Bullnose processing

One of our employees was shopping for bull nose and was appalled by the selection. "Shouldn't the Carrara have the design on the edge?" She asked. "No," the sales clerk replied, bull nose doesn't come with a design on the edge." Our employee was confused because with our proprietary process, the bull nose CAN carry the design over the edge, but Tecnotiles is the only processor in the U.S. that can do it.

Bull nose is the most popular and economic ceramic baseboard. It can be obtained by pressing, glazing and firing in special ceramic tiles.  Three most popular methods are

  • Technic bullnose - is obtained by cutting and grinding entire pieces of tile
  • Cold glazed bullnose –is obtained by cutting, grinding and glazing entire pieces of tile
  • Warm glazed bullnose – is obtained by cutting, grinding, glazing and finally firing whole pieces of tile

The most popular size of bullnose tile is 3”x12” but many other sizes can be available depending on the size of the tiles used.